24 February 2014

Miomni takes the protection of your personal data seriously. Therefore, Miomni refrains from using on its website miomni.com any tools for evaluating visits to its website (analysis tools). Nor does it use cookies there. Personal data concerning your visit to the website miomni.com shall not be collected, or, if this not possible for technical reasons, any personal data collected shall be deleted forthwith. This shall also apply to your IP address.

Insofar as you contact us via the website miomni.com, the details that you provide there shall be used only within the framework of the contact initiated by you. Any use beyond this shall occur only with your consent, or only insofar as this is permissible by law.

The technology used by Miomni on behalf of its customers optimises advertising measures by using data that is normally not identifiable as belonging to a certain person (anonymous data). Insofar as such data is identifiable as belonging to a certain person by way of exception, this shall be because such person has entered into business contact with a business associate of Miomni or has otherwise identified himself to such business associate. In such cases, you may at any time assert in relation to your contractual partner your statutory rights with regard to such personal data. In no event shall Miomni attempt to identify any data existing at its company as belonging to a certain person. Furthermore, you can at any time set your browser to prevent cookies and profile data from being stored on your computer

If you have any questions relating to this Data Privacy Statement, please contact us at any time at: support@miomni.com

To circumvent the usage of cookies for the control of digital advertising delivery information can be found here: http://www.evidon.com/consumers-privacy/opt-out