Miomni feature in “What Caught My Eye” at IBC with the demonstration of the dual screen platform agnostic solution

miomni what caught my eyeMiomni Featured on the hugely popular What Caught My Eye Strand at IBC with its Demonstration of the Dual Screen Platform Agnostic Solution. The Dual Screen solution is powered by its Cloud Based Middleware allowing any web connected device to securely share Digital content to Multiple Connected TV’s.

Miomni’s CEO was filmed running the live demonstration of the Fishing TV Application between a Samsung Smart Hub TV and iPad2 via its web browser connected to the internet by an independent Wi-Fi network. This demonstrated the true agnostic approach to this dual screen implementation removing the need for platform specific devices.

Miomni were featured in the program the following day and presented with an acknowledgment of its contribution to the program which was displayed on its stand for the remainder of the show generating a great deal of interest.

The hugely popular What Caught My Eye strand gave visitors to IBC  the inside track on products and trends rocking the exhibition floor. Each morning of IBC a different industry expert, chosen for their unique perspective, shared their insight into the news, hot business issues or flag up interesting areas or demonstrations that may have been missed.

Whether you were a regular attendee, first time IBC visitor or are perhaps battling time constraints, What Caught My Eye gave visitors a handle on the exciting announcements and debates sweeping IBC.

Marc Goodchild’s vast experience in producing award winning interactive and cross-platform content made this session a fascinating insight into how digital media is rapidly converging.

The IBC Connected World, in association with BPL Broadcast Ltd and IT Europa, reflects the explosive change sweeping the industry driven by internet connected devices both in and out of the home. Established business strategies are being up-ended by web connected content consumption devices that are transforming the viewer from passive receptor to active selector of media.

IBC has created a dedicated Hall to showcase these themes and the very latest in over-the-top video, IPTV and mobile TV. Attendees flock to the IBC Connected World eager to meet application developers, content providers and technology companies active in the rapidly expanding online video scene to explore the impact of our increasingly connected world on the creation, management and delivery of content everywhere.