Miomni has received approval in Nevada

Miomni  has received approval by the Gaming Board of Control in Nevada for its gaming middleware platform, geo location technology and mobile race and sports betting product.

Las Vegas

Miomni  have spent over three years developing its gaming products specifically for the US market. We are very proud to announce we have now received certification from the Nevada Gaming board of control for use within the state of Nevada and are already working with casino groups in Las Vegas who are implementing our technology.

The Miomni middleware layer provides a firewall and proxy to existing backend technology taking all outside IP requests. We protect your infrastructure. The middleware layer provides caching of all data and conversion of data formats to streamline the delivery of data over cellular networks. Utilising the Miomni middleware platform you can deliver rich media marketing information direct to the consumer. Be it a video advert, promotional information, images and text all from a centralised from a cloud based CMS.

Miomni’s has over 12 years of application design and development with over 5 years’ experience in the gaming industry working with the major players in Europe and the US designing and building gaming applications across web mobile tablet and TV. Our applications don’t only look good but are lightning fast due to our caching architecture and data conversion performed in the middleware layer.

If you require geo location security Miomni applications have the service in built in the architecture no third party services and costs required. The “Mi Location” technology has also been approved by the Nevada Gaming Board of Control”