Asset Management Platform Power your Content

Miomni’s asset management platform distributes your content through multiple platforms and devices including TV, Web, Mobile, Tablet – all from a single media source.

Extend Your Reach

Miomni delivers your media to multiple platforms. Your content is localised with our multilingual system and our content delivery system syndicates to every corner of the globe. Miomni vastly extends the reach of your content.

Easy to Manage

Miomni CMS platform

With our robust and secure Asset Management System you can easily encode, upload and manage your high-quality content. In addition, Miomni’s Content Management System allows the design and layout of user interfaces and page build for Web, TV and Mobile platforms.

Global Edge Cache CDN

Your content is delivered via a Global Edge Cache CDN (Content Delivery Network.) A copy of the content is stored in a Edge server local to your user and delivered from there. This reduces the content delivery time drastically – no more long waits for video and images to appear on your phone.

Simple and Cost Effective

No longer do you need to run multiple systems to manage, distribute your assets and build your online presence. This is economical, as content is ingested once and transcoded to multiple formats automatically.

Miomni AMS Platform

Measure Your Success

Syndicate content to community networks and track its effectiveness. We provide full tracking and reporting across all platforms – including how long user’s watched each piece of content.

Miomni Reporting Console

Customise the Experience

Take advantage of our comprehensive publishing tools and award-winning creative team to create your own fully customised, branded media players with a state-of-the-art interfaces. Your media player then can be placed anywhere – web pages, Facebook pages, TV and mobile apps.

Miomni P-linking (Product Linking)