Live Streaming

Miomni Live Streaming Service provides your audience with high quality multimedia experience – regardless of their viewing environment.

Wherever they are, your audience can experience the highest quality live streaming media – live broadcast or pre-produced video on demand – delivered by Miomni adaptive live streaming service. The user’s network conditions and playback capabilities are constantly analysed, and the data size is adjusted accordingly. This ensures the minimum waiting/buffering time and a good experience for both high- (broadband) and low-bandwidth (3G mobile) connections.

Miomni Live Streaming platform
Miomni Live Streaming

Cutting-Edge Technologies

We use the latest technologies that cater for every viewing situation: HTML5 Streaming, Apple Adaptive Streaming (for iOS devices), and Microsoft Smooth Streaming (for desktop, TV, and mobile devices). Your content is delivered via HTTP so that you can take advantage of super fast content delivery via Miomni Global Edge Cache. It also means your content is delivered through corporate firewalls, where other streaming technology would fail.

Live Broadcast

Miomni will take care of everything you need to stream your live event over the Internet, so that your audience who cannot physically attend your event can experience it in real time. Our media player can be placed anywhere (web pages, Facebook pages, TV and mobile apps), your audience will not miss your event wherever they are.