Cash in the Attic USA

Miomni are proud to announce the launch of the Cash in the Attic USA multi-platform digital service.

Cash in the Attic USA

Due to the huge success of the UK digital service of Cash in the Attic London-based Multi-Platform developers Miomni have been appointed to take the UK service into the US.

Miomni has helped bring the much-loved television format – which has, to date, been sold to 167 countries worldwide – into the online space by creating a user-friendly platform to allow antiques fans to meet online to talk about collectibles; obtain valuations for items online and sell their antiques and collectibles through the site. is also be a vital resource for the antique community, providing up-to-date information about insider tips. At the heart of is social and community functions and the website is supported by mobile native applications also built by Miomni.

Miomni are providing a Digital Media Platform for cloud based content and asset management controlling seamless multi-platform distribution with centralised management and editorial control across all sites and applications. As will feature video footage from the series, Miomni are introducing an automated P-Linking (Product Linking) function to allow users to access similar items from the show to their own or those selected on the screen. will evolve further over the next 12 months with plans for Connected TV applications and dual screen capabilities in the pipeline.

Speaking about the appointment, Martin Lowde comments: “This is a really exciting development for the antique and collectible markets, as well as fans of the show across the world. People will be able to use the site to discover, value and trade their items and for the first time we are bringing together a fantastic array of resources to help people whether they are trading at a car boot sale, or looking to trade a grand master.”

Mike Venner, CEO of Miomni, adds: “We are very proud to be working with Argonon on , utilising our global platform to take CashintheAttic into new territories. I believe that we can help to power their business beyond the web and mobile to TV apps and new emerging platforms globally. Our cloud-based asset and content management platform has been built from day one with multi-channel multi territory futures in mind and our particular expertise covers UI design, to ensure that content is showcased to offer the optimal viewing experience, whether that be on TV, web or mobile.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]