AdBasket & Flexyform

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Universal Format Display Ad Units with E-Commerce

Single source content delivery

A single asset is automatically delivered in the format required by the device

No duplication / production of assets

Single creative build

Built within a javascript framework using responsive design principles, a single creative unit can be output to any ad format size, on any device, across any screen.

No duplication of creative Builds.

Optimise content experiences at an “instance level”

Dynamically manage assets, content and functionality at an instance/placement level.


Introducing AdBasket E-Commerce Technology


  • Transform passive display media advertising into an active shopping experience
  • Miomni automatically ‘scrapes’ (web data extraction) products from the retailer’s database directly into the platform, including all meta data associated with the item, such as product images, product description, pricing, stock levels etc.
  • Once in the platform, products images and their associated meta data are complied into dynamic advertising units – displayed as product carousels or ‘over the top’ of video programming
  • The products displayed in the ad units are assigned an acLon, such as share, comment, add to favourites or add to basket
  • Products added to basket inside the Miomni Media unit will appear in the users shopping bag inside the online store, upon check out from the advertising unit
  • Create and manage multiple product lists dynamically in the platform, defined by multiple attributes, including: item type, location, currency, audience profiles and demographics etc.
  • The power to re-target users with items viewed and/or not purchased