Miomni Introduce its legal, patented and fully compliant Exchange platform “MiOFFER” to the US market.

Miomni, providers of Mobile Sports and Race wagering in the US, since 2012 will be introducing a unique product to the market in 2021.

This MiOFFER innovation, which has been patent protected since 2012, will serve as a key differential for all stakeholders; combining elements of traditional sportsbook management with sophisticated exchange wagering. It can be complementary or independent of your existing sportsbooks and you can manage inhouse or outsource to our experts.

It is a risk free proposition, enabling market transparency, greater confidence on the part of player and layer and higher sustainable revenues for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.

MiOFFER advantages

  • No risk
  • Error free – one simply can’t make an error using the MiOffer program!

A $100 offer matched to a $50 offer would be recognized by the software, which would automatically send a message to your administrator’s desktop that the proposed submission needs attention.  Ensuring that you and the ecosystem are constantly in communication.

  • Full transparency – resulting in your organisation having 24×7 access to the market evolution and the ability to trade with total confidence and no liability.
  • Expanded market access and visibility
  • Price integrity – what you see is what you can get
  • Confidence – transparency increases confidence for the entire market [player and layer].
  • Greater player engagement
  • Expanded liquidity
  • Automatic hedging facilities – no need to be nervous when a high roller visits
  • Never worry about ‘wise guy’ action gain!
  • Easy integration into exiting architecture
  • Full compliance and regulatory measures

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