Products & Services

Miomni offers the best online sports betting experience. Used by the biggest sportsbooks in the world, our features include in-play, pre-game and parlay card wagering. Utilizing our proprietary intelligent middleware cloud provides advanced caching and data acceleration for the ultimate user experience across any device.

The Miomni platform is the only platform with direct integrations into LVDC for real-time race wageringWe offer all bet types in an intuitive user interface. We have taken race betting to the next level with live odds and pools and a state of the art drag and drop user interface.

This MiOFFER innovation, which has been patent protected since 2012, will serve as a key differential for all stakeholders; combining elements of traditional sportsbook management with sophisticated exchange wagering. It can be complementary or independent of your existing sportsbooks and you can manage inhouse or outsource to our experts. It is a risk free proposition, enabling market transparency, greater confidence on the part of player and layer and higher sustainable revenues for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.

The gaming server software platform, designed from the ground up, is a ready-made construction kit for a regulated game server platform. This allows the rapid building of any instant-draw single player game feature under the licensee’s complete control.

MiPools has been designed to offer partners a suite of games, tournaments and competitions that bridge the gap between traditional fantasy games and fixed odds sports betting. MiPools enables current and prospective stakeholders in the sports betting and gaming ecosystem to offer an alternative to what is often termed “hard” gambling.

Miomni is the biggest provider of location services in Nevada; our solution is used by various casino groups and has been certified by GLI and approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. As MiLOCATION is integrated into our core platform we can offer superior and extremely cost efficient geo-fencing solutions.

The Miomni Core Platform which supports retail and online sports book and integrated icasino game sales, back office, built in affiliates system and reporting.

Miomni offers in-depth stats for our Sports and Fantasy module. Our stats provides extensive detailed analysis between two teams and for each individual player.

Proprietary technology recognizes TV and screen content automatically and instantly takes you straight to the bet.

MiVOUCHER is a loyalty platform for delivering digital online comps based on user activity and engagement based on per defined or dynamic rules. A comprehensive online gaming platform needs a state of the art online comping engine.

The Miomni platform offers live video streaming and video playback of sports and race for customers to watch on their devices. Combined with MiVOUCHER enables the comping of live video if for example the user places a wager above a certain amount or has VIP status.

Utilizing the Miomni platform to deliver real-time marketing and messaging to the applications, consumers can enjoy up-to-date information on a resort; book a room, receive promotions, while consuming real-time messaging all from a centralized cloud-based CMS. Combined with MiLOCATION enables extremely targeted and relevant marketing.